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DTB: Vol 30 No 3

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Topical corticosteroids during childhood

Bol Inf Farmacoter Navar. 2022;30 (3):1-18

Topical corticosteroids are a group of medications indicated for the treatment of numerous inflammatory skin processes such as atopic and seborrheic dermatitis sand psoriasis. Their molecular structure determines both the potency of their action and the possibility of producing adverse effects. When a powerful action is required, new-generation corticosteroids offer the best safety profile. Children’s skin, especially that of infants, allows the absorption of topical medications, thus meaning that it is essential to determine the most appropriate pharmaceutical form in each case and to specify the quantity, mode of application and duration of treatment. A single daily application is sufficient in most cases. If applied correctly, the adverse effects are limited, more common locally and mostly reversible after the completion of treatment. Although these medications are safe, it is common for patients and their families to exhibit worry, reluctance or fear when a topical corticosteroid is prescribed. Therefore it is important to clarify any questions that may arise.
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