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DTB: Vol 28, No 2

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Deprescribing in dementia

Deprescribing should be performed in patients with advanced dementia (GDS ≥6), patients who have experienced adverse events or interactions, and patients who do not benefit from the treatment. The lack of consensus as to when and how to deprescribe anti-dementia drugs show the need for a guide to deprescribing anti-dementia drugs. A set of technical and ethical considerations should be taken into account in the prescribing/deprescribing process. Decisions surrounding deprescribing should be conducted as shared decision making with the patients and/or their caregivers ensuring that they are duly informed..
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  • Authors:
  • - Amaya Echeverría
  • - Belén González
  • - Nuria Goñi
  • - Ana Rosa Gómez
  •     On behalf of the Working Group for Deprescription in Dementia of SNS-O

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