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DTB: Vol 27, No 1

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Aspects of insulin therapy in Diabetes Mellitus

All patients with type 1 mellitus diabetes (DM1) and many patients with type 2 mellitus diabetes in advanced stages of the disease (DM2) receive insulin. It is recommended to initiate insulin therapy in patients with DM2 when glycemic targets are not met despite non-pharmacological interventions and the administration of double/triple non-insulin therapy. Background human insulin analogs have proven to be associated with a lower risk for hypoglycemia and are a therapeutic option for at-risk patients. Insulins are high-risk drugs that may cause severe adverse events including hypoglycemia, weight gain, and lipodystrophy. Therefore, prescription errors can have serious consequences. The provision of information to healthcare professionals and patient education will prevent insulin misus.


  • Maria Teresa Acin. Primary Care Pharmacist. Pharmacy Management Service. SNS-O

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