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Headway for health

Health... the most treasured asset of any society, a source of wealth and, as a socialinvestment of prime importance, a key driver of other functions of society. The goodhealth of the people of Navarra is not the sole responsibility of the Department of Health, or of the Navarra Health Service-Osasunbidea: it is the joint responsibility ofeach and every individual and societal stakeholder.

Our health system, developed over time through hard work, investment and professional know-how, is a benchmark for others. Despite this, we find ourselves at aturning point in our history, facing up to the enormous challenge of ensuring the sustainability of the system itself and its continuous improvement over the years to come. An ageing population, chronicity, increased expectations, over-medicalisation and constant advances in technology not only present new opportunities but also generate a greater level of demand which is becoming more and more difficult to meet. Furthermore, if we factor into this equation ever-present financial limitations, the fragmented nature of health care and services, a lack of coordination with other stakeholders, rigid regulations and the innate tendency of our system to reactand provide services instead of prevention and effective problem solving, the very capacity and sustainability of the system are in serious jeopardy.

To address these challenges, the system must be changed, and urgently. This requires the commitment of all involved, a joint effort by all of us. Old routines, clichés,prejudices and habits of no value need to be left behind and replaced by new patient-focused approaches to bring about better health. In short, the system needs to be reinvented from the foundations of all that’s currently good about it.

Though essentially far-reaching, these changes must be made gradually but without delay and without taking unnecessary risks. In the "Background Document", and in more detail in the "Goals and Actions", the lines of action to be undertaken by the Navarra Health Service are proposed to face these challenges.

Though the plan itself runs to 2020, it is designed to be merely the first step along a path of continuous development through a series of annual updates, as many of the proposed changes will require time to bed in and innovation to bring about a change of organisational culture to enable continuous improvement in health outcomes.


The "Headway for Health" strategy of the Navarra Health Service

Background document (2015-2020) 

Goals and Actions (2015-2020)

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