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The elections held in May 2015, with a 68.26% electoral turnout from a census of 512,157 people, yielded the following results: UPN obtained 15 seats (92,705 votes);  Geroa Bai, 9 (53,497 votes); EH Bildu, 8 (48,166 votes); Podemos, 7 (46,207 votes); PSN/PSOE, 7 (45,164 votes); PP, 2 (13,289 votes) and Izquierda-Ezkerra, 2 (12,482 votes).

With this result, Geroa Bai, EH Bildu, Podemos and Izquierda-Ezkerra agreed to join forces to govern with a majority and they reached a programmatic agreement to form the Regional Government of Navarre, signed on 17 July at the parliament.

Accordingly, Uxue Barkos was sworn in as the Regional President of Navarre on 22 July, and the remaining members of the Regional Government took possession of portfolios one day later, on 23 July. The executive body stood as follows:

  • President of the Community of Navarra, Uxue Barkos Berruezo
  • Vice president for Economic Development, Manu Ayerdi Olaizola
  • Vice president for Social Rights, Miguel Laparra Navarro
  • Regional minister of Economics and Financial Policy, Mikel Aranburu Urtasun
  • Regional minister for the President’s Office, the Civil Service, the Interior and Justice, María José Beaumont Aristu
  • Government spokesperson and regional minister for Citizen and Institutional Relations, Ana Ollo Hualde
  • Regional minister for Education, José Luis Mendoza Peña
  • Regional minister for Health, Fernando Domínguez Cunchillos
  • Regional minister for Culture, Sport, and Youth, Ana Herrera Isasi
  • Regional minister for Rural Development, Local Administration and the Environment, Isabel Elizalde Arretxea
Government of Navarre

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