Prioridades y actuaciones - texto

Priority actions

1. Getting the economy ready for the digital transformation

  • To support the sectors most severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis
  • To support strategic sectors in Navarra
  • To promote innovative entrepreneurship and the social economy
  • To improve Navarra’s position in European R&D
  • To encourage the digital transformation to increase competitiveness at the regional level
  • To bridge the digital divide
  • To develop transport systems and infrastructure
  • To create employment opportunities

2. Accelerating the environmental transition

  • To reposition Navarra as a European leader in renewable energy
  • To use the energy transition to reactivate the economy
  • To promote sustainability in construction
  • To promote climate action and the circular economy
  • To give recognition to the protection of forests, rivers and natural areas as a source of biodiversity and biological wealth
  • To promote a fair, healthy and eco-friendly food system

3. Structuring the territory on the basis of sustainability

  • To develop new models for sustainable growth and urban-rural relations
  • To ensure the provision of accessible and sustainable basic services to all
  • To promote entrepreneurship and social innovation for cohesive, inclusive development
  • To revitalise the Pyrenees and other neglected areas
  • To boost economic and social development in rural areas

4. Promoting social cohesion and equal opportunity

  • To have a health system that protects the people
  • To improve the guaranteed income system
  • To strengthen the social protection network
  • To ensure residential and home care
  • To move towards a society of care, supporting work-family reconciliation
  • To fight for gender equality
  • To assist youths designing a new strategic plan
  • To guarantee the right to housing
  • To invest in people by focusing on education and training

5. Strengthening the coexistence framework

  • To ensure the respect and promotion of human rights and freedoms
  • To focus on the Basque language as an element for cohesion and diversity
  • To embrace diversity
  • To design a shock plan to improve the justice sector
  • To reactivate the cultural industries
  • To focus on sport for better quality of life
  • To encourage citizen participation
  • To strengthen citizen safety and foster the culture of resilience

6. Affirming public leadership

  • To make more and better resources available for public services
  • To put digitisation, data science and artificial intelligence at the service of citizens
  • To engage in communication and ensure transparency
  • To simplify administrative procedures
  • To develop networks and infrastructure for a more modern and accessible administration
  • To sponsor basic research in artificial intelligence

7. Foreign action

  • To attract more EU funds
  • To be in line with the main EU strategies
  • To promote the internationalisation of Navarra