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Objectives, mission, vision and values of the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan defines that the Social Innovation Unit was created to promote a more social economic model, an economic model for, with and of people. For this it addresses a double objective:

  1. Promoting innovation in the Social Economy of Navarre

  2. Strengthen the social dimension in business and technological innovation in Navarre

With "social dimension" we refer to what and how:

    • Focus the business and technological innovation effort to generate social impact.

    • Involve users in business and technological innovation processes

Its framework is, therefore, the set of Navarre's economic and innovation agents. Given that we start from an incipient stage in relation to the promotion of social innovation, the Unit will work on three concentric strategic rings:

The innovation ecosystem, the framework where projects are developed. Our work is to strengthen the capacity of the ecosystem to support social innovation.

The social innovation projects, accompanying them, strengthening them and connecting them to the ecosystem.

Navarre society, which is at the center of the diagram because it is the heart and goal of social innovation and, therefore, of the SiU.


We work with the society of Navarre to generate systemic and structural changes that promote an innovative, social and sustainable economic development. We contribute to advance towards an economic model for, with and of the people.

We detect, co-design, promote and implement Social Innovation projects, creating new businesses and economic activity. But the final objective is not the projects, but the structural change that they generate.

2020 vision

In 2020, the Social Innovation Unit of Navarre will be the consolidated reference entity on Social Innovation in Navarre, articulating the ecosystem in this area, serving as a node, promoting significant projects and generating valuable knowledge about social innovation.

By 2020, the Social Innovation Unit will have contributed to make Navarra a socially more innovative community and a relevant reference region in social innovation.


In the Social Innovation Unit we work with the following values:

Participation: Co-create with people in an botton-up direction, always respecting diversity and freedom of choice

Action: Contribute to generate significant changes, work with rigor and commitment to create employment and real impact. Create new realities

Network team: Build extended team to contribute to the rest of the agents of the ecosystem, promoting intercooperation

Do you want to know more?

Check the Social Innovation Unit Strategic Plan
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