Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 



Let each one go where he may, by Ben Russell, has won the Punto de Vista First Prize for the Best Film

The members of the Jury of the 6th Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra -Alisa Lebow, Santos Zunzunegui, Jean-Pierre Rehm, Lynne Sachs and Maria Pallier- have decided to award the following prizes:

Special Mention, worth 1,250 euros, for Le plein pays by Antoine Boutet, for the attention paid to sound, voice, echo, recording through a character trying to dig, unbury or bury his own self.
Special Mention, worth 1,250 euros, for The darkness of day by Jay Rosenblatt, for the way it allows found footage to determine the object of its gaze, while never losing sight of the twisted and fragile path on which it treads

Prize for the Best Short Film, worth 3,500 euros, for Amanar Tamasheq  by Lluis Escartín, transmitting a highly political message in a respectful and self-critical way and by means of an intelligent and poetical combination of sound and image.

’Jean Vigo’ Prize for the Best Direction, worth 5,500 euros, to Javier Fernández, Luis López and Natalia Marín, of the ‘Los hijos’ group, forr Los materiales, for its daring use of cinematographic tools in its reflection upon history and awareness of the present.

‘Punto de Vista’ Prize for the best film, worth 10,000 Euros, for Let each one go where he may by Ben Russell, for its bold, impassioned embrace of post-colonial Surinam and its people and for his inventive choreography for the camera and his ingenious approach to the practice of documentary.

Chus Domínguez has won the Proyecto X films prize and Sweetgrass, by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Ilisa Barbash has been awarded with the Audience Award.