Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 


Call for entries 2010. Submission to the Official Section
Punto de Vista is now inviting submissions for the next edition of the festival. Rules and application forms are available on the festival’s website. Submission is free of charge.
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Punto de Vista Collection: 5th volume now available: “Signal Fires. El cine de Jem Cohen/The Cinema of Jem Cohen”
This volume (€18) is a thorough study of the films by the American filmmaker, who was present in Punto de Vista 2010 through a retrospective. “Signal Fires. El cine de Jem Cohen/The Cinema of Jem Cohen” is the first Punto de Vista volume to be published in a bilingual edition (Spanish-English).
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Let each one go where he may, by Ben Russell, has won the Punto de Vista First Prize for the Best Film
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Punto de Vista holds a photographic exhibition in honour of the Armenian filmmaker Mikhail Vartanov
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Twenty-One Secondary School Teachers to Attend Documentary Film Course Organised by Punto de Vista Festival and CAP Pamplona
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