Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 



The International Documentary Film Festival “Punto de Vista” is an annual event featuring the latest trends in the field of documentary films. Since the Festival’s first edition, staged in 2005, it has been inspired by Jean Vigo’s film and ethical principles. Organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Government of Navarra, the festival is hosted in the city of Pamplona every year in February.

The next edition will take place from 13 to 21 February, 2009.

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1 - Admission and Content of the work

1.1 The competition is open to participation by documentaries of any nationality made after 1 August 2007. Fiction, institutional or publicity films will not be admitted, nor reports or works of a journalistic nature.

1.2. There are no limits with regard to subject matter, length or original language.

1.3. Concerning the language, films will be presented with English subtitles if the original film language is not English, Spanish or Basque. 

1.4 Films which have been premiered in commercial cinemas in Spain or broadcast on any Spanish television channel, or which shall be prior to the dates on which the festival is to be held, shall not be accepted.

1.5. The participation in this competition is compatible with other prizes or subsidies granted by public or private organizations.

1.6. Registration is free of charge.

2 - Presentation of applications

2.1. For the selection process documentaries will be presented in DVD.
2.2 Films should be registered by 30 September 2008. A DVD of the registered film should be submitted to the Festival’s office before 3 October 2008 by any means providing that the delivery date can be effectively checked out. The Festival’s organizers shall enter all registered films arriving before or on 3 October 2008.

2.3. The application of a film will have to be carried out by production companies or directors owning the rights of the films they are presenting through Festival’s website: Furthermore, a copy of the film must be sent to the following address:

Festival de Cine Documental Punto de vista
Servicio de Acción Cultural.
C/ Navarrería, 39.  31001 PAMPLONA (NAVARRA). ESPAÑA.

2.4. Whatever the procedure used for submission, each film must be sent or delivered duly protected and clearly marked.

2.5. Copies of the films must be accompanied by the following DOCUMENTS:

  • Copy of confirmation of registration form, once the procedure described on the Festival’s website has been carried out, indicating the reference number assigned to the film.
  • The director’s CV
  • Sworn declaration from the producer or distributor of the film stating that it has not been commercially premiered in Spain or broadcast on any Spanish television channel, and shall not be prior to the 15th of February 2008, should the film be selected for the festival.

2.6. All costs incurred through sending films to the competition must be met by the entrants. The Competition does not accept liability for any damage films may suffer during carriage.

2.7. The Festival organisers will send entrants a certificate of receipt for the film.

3 - Selection

3.1. The SELECTION COMMITTEE of the Festival, composed of the Festival’s Direction and experts in documentary cinema, will select works to be part of the Official Section of Documentary Film Festival Punto de Vista 2008.

3.2. This Committee will select works according to the quality and creativity directives established by the Festival and which appear in the foreword to this document. 

3.3. The Selection Committee may propose expanding or reducing the official section’s quota and that some films that are not selected form part of an information section comprising recent works. The Selection Committee has also the right to make proposals regarding the screening of competing films.

3.4. The result of the selection will be notified to participants by e-mail before 20 December 2008. If that date passes and the result of selection has not been expressly notified to one or other of the interested parties, it will be understood that their work has not been selected.

3.5. If a film is selected, the entrant must send the film in one of the following formats: BETACAM SP, BETACAM DIGITAL or 35 mm.

The entrant must also provide two photos of the work and a synopsis that will be reproduced in the catalogue, as well as the information that will be distributed to the media during the Festival. They must authorise the Festival for the assignment of three minutes of their documentary for the audiovisual media.

3.6. Films in the Official Competition Section will be screened in original version with Spanish subtitles. Selected entrants must send a list of subtitles in English, Spanish or Basque in order to produce the electronic subtitles.
3.7. The screening copies of the selected films must reach Pamplona by 1 February 2009. They must be sent to the address given in Point 2.3 of these rules. All costs incurred through sending films to the festival must be met by entrants. The Competition does not accept liability for any damage films may suffer during carriage.

3.8. The festival shall organise two public screenings of the films selected and shall not pay exhibition rights for these.

3.9. Once included in the catalogue, the film may not be unilaterally withdrawn from the competition.

3.10. The festival shall meet the accommodation expenses of the representatives of those films selected travelling to Pamplona to attend the festival, for a maximum period of three nights, and shall assist with travel expenses in accordance with the following scaling system:

  • Up to 700 kilometres: Up to a maximum of 90 euros.
  • From 700 to 1.200 kilometres: Up to a maximum of 150 euros.
  • More than 1.200 kilometres: Up to a maximum of 450 euros.

4 - Jury

4.1. The General Director of Culture of the Government of Navarra will appoint an International Jury and will name its members from among experts and professionals in the sector. The Secretary of the Jury will be appointed by the Festival Management and will participate in deliberations but will not have the right to vote.

4.2. The International Jury will approve its Rules through agreement with the Festival organisers. Its decisions will be announced during the Documentary Film Festival of Navarra Punto de Vista, which will be held in Pamplona in February  2009.

4.3. The decisions of the Jury will not be open to appeal.

5 - Prizes

5.1. The competition has the following awards:

Official Prizes

  • “Punto de Vista” First Prize for the best film: 10.000 €
  • Prize Jean Vigo for the best Director:  5.500 €
  • First Prize for the best short film: 3.500 €

Special Prizes

  • The Audience’s Special Prize for the best film: 2.500 €.
  • Special mentions: The Jury will be able to award up to two special mentions, worth 1.250 € each.

Should Punto de Vista First Prize be awarded to a short film, Prize for the best short film will not be awarded at all and its sum will be kept for the Jury in order to increase the sum of the Special Mentions (up to 2.000 euros) or to award new ones.

5.2. The jury may declare any of the prizes null.

5.3. Audience’s Special Prize will be ruled by a regulation determined by the Selection Committee.

5.4. The prizes are tax-free and the sums are net. They will be paid by bank transfer within two months after the official prize awarding ceremony of the festival.

5.5. The prizes will be distributed in a 50% basis between the production company or person owning the management rights of the film and the film director with the exception of the Jean Vigo Prize for the best Director, which will be paid entirely to the director of the winner film.

6 - Copyright

6.1. The organisation of the Festival assumes that the production companies or directors who register for the event hold the screening rights to the films that they are presenting. In any event, the Festival organisers are exempt from any liability that may arise from an infringement of this rule.

7 - Prize winners’ commitment and broadcasting of the films

7.1. The Festival organisers undertake that, while in their possession, the films presented will not be copied or broadcast in their entirety. Clips of selected films may be used for broadcasting the Festival in the media.

7.2. Authors whose works have won prizes agree to donate a copy of the work(s) in Betacam Sp or Digital and DVD format to the video library of the Festival. They may be presented at other non-profit making festivals and cultural initiatives, organised by the Regional Government of Navarre, providing that they mention the prizes awarded.

8 - Returns

8.1. Films that are not selected will not be returned to entrants.

8.2. The screening copies of the films selected but which do not win an award will be returned to entrants by courier by 30 April  2009. Any costs incurred in returning films will be met by the Festival.

8.3. Award-winning 35-mm format films will be returned to entrants in the same way as established in the above point, once another copy in Betacam SP or Digital format has been received by the Festival.

8.4. Submission of films for competition means full acceptance of these rules. The interpretation and application of the Rules corresponds to the Festival Management.

9 – Appeals

9.1. Appeals against this call for participation, its bases and acts arising from its application may be made before the Government of Navarra within one month of its publication in the Official Gazette of Navarra or of its notification.


Festival de Cine Documental Punto de Vista
Gobierno de Navarra - Servicio de Acción Cultural
C/ Navarrería, 39. 31001 PAMPLONA (NAVARRA). ESPAÑA
Tels: 848 424684, 848 424686