Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Long-feature films

Mirages (Miracles)
France | 2008 | 45'
: Olivier Dury
: Olivier Dury
: Olivier Dury
: Dana Farzaneh Pour
: Christine Benoît


Every day, thousands of miles from here, dozens of people are driven by an incredible sense of hope to set out with the intention of arriving in Europe. During the first few days of their crossing from Agadez to Djanet, from Niger into Algeria, these emigrants are forced to confront the time of the desert with its stases, its brutal accelerations and its mineral inertia. The ordeal they undergo turns them into undocumented immigrants. But during their journey, this film considers them as individuals and for a brief moment steals them from the invisibility that awaits them.

Olivier Dury

France, 1967. He has a degree from Vancouver Film School. He’s done different jobs in the filmmaking industry, from the camera and electrical department to being an assistant director. Mirages is his first movie.