Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Retrospectives: Ermanno Olmi

Ermanno Olmi

At the last Cannes Film Festival, Ermanno Olmi, then competing with his film Centiocciodi (One Hundred Nails), announced that he would never work with fiction again and that he intended to seek refuge in the documentary from then on.

At Punto de Vista, we feel that it is a good moment to look back on his fifty-year film career, placing special emphasis on the sources of inspiration behind both his films and his life.

Winner of the Golden Palm at Cannes for L'Albero degli zoccoli (The Tree with the Wooden Clogs) and the Golden Lion at Venice for La Leggenda del santo bevitore (The Legend of the Holy Drinker), Olmi started working in documentary film in the 50's, when he got the Sezione Cinema Edisonvolta under way.

The festival is set to recuperate essential works from his documentary and fiction careers, most to be screened for the first time in Spain, including Un metro lungo cinque, In nome del popolo italiano (In the name of the Italian people), Mille anni, Grigio (Grey), La Pattuglie del Passo San Giacomo (The Patrol of Passo San Giacomo), La mia valle, Manon finestra 2 (Manon window 2), Alcide de Gasperi and Lungo il fiume (Down the River), among others, and is to dedicate the third publication of the Punto de Vista collection to this film legend.