Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 


The competition has the following awards:


“Punto de Vista” First Prize for the best film: 9.000 €
Prize Jean Vigo for the best Director: 5.000 €
First Prize for the best short film: 3.500 €


The Audience’s Special Prize for the best film: 2.500 €
Special mentions: The Jury will be able to award up to three special mentions, worth 1.000 € each.
Should “Punto de Vista” First Prize be awarded to a short film, Prize for the best short film will not be awarded at all and its sum will be kept for the Jury in order to increase the sum of the Special Mentions (up to 2.000 euros) or to award new ones.

The jury may declare any of the prizes null.

Audience’s Special Prize will be ruled by a regulation determined by the Selection Committee.

The prizes are tax-free and the sums are net. They will be paid by bank transfer within two months after the official prize awarding ceremony of the festival.

The prizes will be distributed in a 50% basis between the production company or person owning the management rights of the film and the film director with the exception of the Jean Vigo Prize for the best Director, which will be paid entirely to the director of the winner film.