Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Round table: essay film

23rd of February. Civican

Roundtable: "Beyond the documentary: the essay-film"

What is essay-film? The bastard son of the documentary and experimental film? Or is it the true path for film in the XXI century?

The curator of the season The thinking form shall chair this roundtable on a subject as little known as it is new and thrilling. For, as Theodor Adorno put it: "the essay's innermost formal law is heresy".

With Josep Mª Catalá (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Miguel Fernández Labayen (University of Tarragona), Jose Luis Castro de Paz (University of Vigo) and Ángel Quintana (University of Girona). Chaired by Antonio Weinrichter.