Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Photography Exhibition

15th of February - 3rd of March. Civican Foyer

KIEV 12. Clemente Bernad

Series of photographs taken by Clemente Bernad at Orphanage No. 12 in Kiev, Ukraine. This state institution attends children sent by the Municipal Board of Doctors and Educators from other orphanages.

As a rule, the children sent to Orphanage No. 12 have serious learning difficulties as a result of educational deficiencies, severe negligence, malnourishment, lack of motivation or lack of self-esteem.

Most of the children arrive at the centre at the age of seven of eight and stay there until they are sixteen. Only 15% of them are orphans. The rest have been separated from their families due to abuse and/or negligence or have been abandoned by their parents.

Some of the children from this institution have visited Navarra on the invitation of the Burlada-based NGO Arco Iris Solidario. This organisation is formed by parents who receive young victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster living in Ukrainian orphanages in their own homes in summer and at Christmas time.

Part of this collection has been used to illustrate the poster of Punto de Vista 2007.


Clemente Bernad was born in Pamplona and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He works as a freelance photographer. His work includes "Jornaleros", on seasonal agricultural labourers in Andalusia, pictures taken in Chiapas following the Zapatista revolution, a contribution to "Pauvres des nous" (The poor among us), on young social outcasts, and "Basque chronicles", on the political conflict in the Basque Country.

The reportage "Mujeres sin tierra" (Women without a land), on Saharawi women in the refugee camps in Southern Algeria, earned him the FotoPres award in the field of Human Rights in 1994. His first documentary, El sueño de Malika (Malika's dream), took part in the first Documentary Film Festival of Navarra PUNTO DE VISTA.