Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 




Over the second half of 2006, Punto de Vista invited almost forty film critics, researchers and historians "to get thinking" where the most daring, experimental confines of the Spanish documentary lay.

The idea was for each of those asked to suggest a list of titles from his or her own personal field of knowledge or research with which to draft a provisional census of film heterodoxy and arrive at a thumbnail sketch of the iconoclastic documentary as produced by indigenous filmmakers living on the borderline between fiction and non-fiction.

We coined the word Heterodocsia in order to refer to this unnameable terrain.

At present, in 2007, Heterodocsias is no more than a blurred X-ray of the most arcane history of the Spanish documentary.

But from now on, Heterodocsias aims to become a venue for encounter and discovery. It also intends to become a research project in the form of a yearly section at a festival for, among other things, we believe that film is made to be screened and not (just) to be written about.

Heterodocsias wishes to become a place where new values are encouraged, where forgotten, forbidden or missing names are remembered, somewhere from which to see the other side of Spanish film history, somewhere to revisit and rewrite the history of our most heterodox documentaries.