Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Long-feature films

La casa de mi abuela (My grandmother’s house)
Spain | 2005 | 80'
: Adán Aliaga
: Adán Aliaga
: Adán Aliaga
: Nacho Ruiz Capillas y Miguel Garví

: Elena Vallejo, Juanjo Giménez, Xose Zapata, Adán Aliaga

La casa de mi abuela

A story about a grandmother and her grand-daughter who live in a modest house in a small Spanish town called San Vicente del Raspeig located on the meditarranean coast of Spain. A company has bought the grounds on which their house was constructed and wants to tear everything down in order to build new apartment buildings. They each live this imposed change of residence in very different ways. Documentary focused on this anonimous grandmother who dominates the screen with her tremonous presence, leaving no one untouched.

Adán Aliaga

With a university degree in Film History and Aesthetic at Valladolid University; in Film Direction at Cataluña Film Studies Center and in Video and TV Production at Alicante University, Adán Aliaga has written and directed several short and long scripts.