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Long-feature films

Siah bazi kargaraneh shadi (The joymakers)
France / Iran | 2004 | 41'
: Maryam Khakipour
: Farzin Khosrowshahi
: Louis Bastin

: Saadi Afshar, Reza Arabzadeh, Ardeshir Sohrabi, Fatemeh Shadizadeh, Saleh Panahi, Leïla Mohamadi
: TL7 Télévision Loire 7

Siah bazi kargaraneh shadi

The last theatre is about to be closed down in a street of Tehran, previously given over to shows and entertainment. With it, the black harlequin, the comic character whose improvisations have for so many years stirred laughter, is also set to disappear. The harlequin and his entire troupe of actors and actresses have worked in the theatre for years and they now feel orphaned by and worried for the inhabitants of Tehran, who have been denied the right to laugh.

Maryam Khakipour

“The joymakers” is Maryam Kahkipour’s first feature. Actually, she works in a new project.