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Long-feature films

Murderball (Murderball)
Canada | 2004 | 86'
: Dana Adam Shapiro, Henry Alex Rubien, Jeffrey Mandel
: Dana Adam Shapiro
: Geoffrey Richman

: Jeffrey Mandel, Dana Adam Saphiro


The players of Murderball, a game similar to rugby played in wheelchairs, also known as Quad Rugby, are preparing for the Athens’ Paralympics. The documentary shows the match between the Canadian and the US teams to qualify for the finals of the Paralympics, the feelings and motivations of the captains and players.

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Dana Adam Shapiro is a former senior editor at SPIN and a contributor to the New York Times Magazine and other publications. Murderball is his first film.

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As a documentary filmmaker, Rubin made the award-winning Who is Henry Jaglom? and Freeestyle. He is currently directing a mockumentary starring Winona Ryder.

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Jeffrey Mandel, graduated in Law and Business (MBA) from Columbia University, directed the film Elves (1989).