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Bruce & me (Bruce & me)
Canada / Australia | 2004 | 82'
: Oren Siedler
: Oren Siedler
: Ken Myhr
: Ricardo Acosta

: Oren Siedler
: Oren Siedler

Bruce & me

A revealing documentary covering a daughter’s search for her father, a white-collar criminal she lost track of as a child, but who marked her for the rest of her life. Told as a diary, the director takes us to the United States to find her father after many years of separation and to Australia, where her mother lives.

Oren Siedler

Born in New York City, Oren immigrated with her mother and step father to Australia in 1975. She studied film production at the University of Technology Sydney where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She has written and directed numerous documentaries and short films, including Suburban Rituals - Rite of the Horned God, a documentary broadcast on Australian television.