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Long-feature films

Alimentation générale (Alimentation générale)
France | 2005 | 84'
: Chantal Briet
: Chantal Briet
: Sophie Bachelier, Sylvia Calle
: Benoît Alavoine, Nathalie Charles

Alimentation générale

In Epinay-sur-Seine, in the neighborhood called “la Source”, Ali’s grocery store is the only shop of the decayed shopping center still in business. It’s also the only place left for the inhabitants to meet. By filming time going by, on their faces, on their destiny, this chronicle shows the importance of such a place, a small store where in spite of difficulties and poverty, people still share user-friendliness, laughter, human warmth.

Chantal Briet

Chantal Briet was born in 1961 in Roubaix (North of France). She studied Mordern Litterature. She directed her first film "Inch’allah" in 1987, which was awarded Price of the Jury at the Lille Film Festival. Between 1988 and 2002, she directed a dozen films (short and documentaries). "Alimentation générale" is her first feature-length film.