Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

The central region

Does the perfect festival exist? The memory of each member of the audience creates its own, selecting, ordering and billing their favourite films to make that invisible, impossible, ideal festival. The Festival of Festivals aims to be just that: a perfect, imaginary festival which only shows the best, that corner of the memory in which a flawless programme awaits retrieval. The task is by no means an easy one.

The Festival of Festivals is an invitation to the best of non-fiction cinema. A selection as arbitrary as it is attractive, chosen from the best on the international festival circuit. This year ten films are taking part in our attempt at the perfect programme. Ten films to be screened for the first time in Spain, an award-winning array which reveals the energy and diversity of a genre forever shifting its frontiers.

A map of the world at 25 frames a second: from Finland to the United States, stopping off in Holland, Denmark, France, Russia and Brazil.

Could this be your perfect festival?