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Wetback - the undocumented documentary (Wetback - the undocumented documentary)
Canada | 2004 | 98'
: Arturo Pérez Torres
: Felipe Rodríguez
: Roko Citroen
: Puppy Machine Productions.

: Heather Haynes. Open City Works

Wetback - the undocumented documentary
Sinopsis The short documentary follows several immigrants from Central America and Mexico on an extraordinary and extremely dangerous journey to North America. More than 3.000 Latin Americans a day embark upon this journey. Less than 300 make it to their destination. Nayo, Milton, Luis, Oscar and Ana are just some of the thousands of people that will join one of the largest migration movements in history. Their motivation is a life with dignity. Their disadvantage is that neither of them have legal travelling documents.
Arturo Pérez Torres

Born in Mexico, moved to California at the age of 21 and studied at the San Francisco State University Film School. His first documentary, Wetback - The undocumented documentary (2004) won several international prizes, including Best Documentary at Cinequest, the Spectrum Award at Full Frame, the Audience Award at the Chicago Latino Film Festival and HotDocs, and Best Screenplay at the first Punto de Vista Festival. Currently working on his third documentary, City Idol.