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Les gens d' Angkor (The people of angkor)
France | 2003 | 90'
: Rithy Panh
: S. Vissal

: Ina, Arte France

Les gens d' Angkor
Sinopsis This is not just one more film about the monuments of Angkor, their history or their architecture. This film is about the people who live there. An inside view, in the shadow of the temples and the great forests, an inhabited shadow that the world’s tourists pass through unawares, wrapped up in contemplating the treasures of Khmer art.
Rithy Panh

He was born in Penh, Camboya. In 1979, when he was fifteen, he went to Thailand and one year later to Paris where he studied at the French Film Institute. He started his career directing documentaries and he won several prizes. In 1994, he directed his first fiction film: Neak Srê, selected to compete in the Cannes Festival.