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Fairies and other tales (Fairies and other tales)
Alemania | 2004 | 55'
: Dörthe Eickerlberg
: Katinka Kocher
: Rainer von Vielen
: Marc Trautmann

: Filmakademie Baden-Württenberg (Ludwigsburg, Alemania)

Fairies and other tales
Sinopsis It is said that you cannot miss what you never had. But if you are lacking something, if there is an empty space inside of yourself, can you feel the hole The director goes to Iceland looking for a piece of herself hidden there. Iceland, where every second Icelander believes in trolls, ghosts and elves. Technoloy and wilderness, Christianity and Paganism door to door. With this film, the director want to take the spectator on a little rediscovery of nature.
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