Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Long-feature films

El cielo gira (The sky rotates)
Spain | 2004 | 110'
: Mercedes Álvarez
: Mercedes Álvarez, Arturo Redín
: Alberto Rodríguez
: Aurelio Martínez, Amanda Villavieja
: Sol López, Guadalupe Pérez

: Raúl Cuevas
: José María Lara, Mikel Huércanos y Eva Serrats

El cielo gira
Sinopsis In La Aldea, a village on the high moors of Soria, there remain 14 inhabitants. They are the last generation, after a thousand years of interrupted history. Today, life continues. Soon, it will quietly die out, without further witnesses. The inhabitants of La Aldea and the work by the painter Pello Azqueta share something in common things have started to disappear before their eyes. The narrator returns to her origins and attends this ending while at the same time attempting to recover a primary image of the world, of childhood.
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