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Long-feature films

DR. Nagesh (DR. Nagesh)
Belgium | 2004 | 51'
: Vincent Detours, Dominique Henry
: Vincent Detours, Dominique Henry
: Vincent Detours
: Luc Plantier, Aurélie Nolf

: Lubomir Guéorguiev, Good & Bad News
: Good & Bad News, CBA, GSARA / Con el apoyo de la SCAM (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia)

DR. Nagesh
Sinopsis Dr. Nagesh gives daily, free, consultations in Munbai (Bombay). He takes care of HIV positive patients who cannot afford anti-HIV treatments. These men, women and children face the disease as well as their rejection from society. Dr. Nagesh helps them take stock of their financial, emotional and family situation. In the privacy of his office, masks fall, revealing each person's contradictions and deep feelings.
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