Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Long-feature films

Bagdad rap (Bagdad rap)
Spain | 2003 | 75'
: Arturo Cisneros
: Santiago Alba, Mikel Larramendi, Arturo Cisneros
: Frank T, Ari, Zenit, Selecta Kolektiboa, Case O, Sr. Rojo, Mikel Salas, Borja Alexandre, Guilleaume Marsan
: Aritz Gorostiaga

: Arturo Cisneros, Yagoba Manterola, Gustavo Ortiz, Nestor Felli, Borja Alexandre, Javier Escribano, Luis Foncillas, Peper Tiger Tv
: Triper&Zapin, Arturo Cisneros

Bagdad rap
Sinopsis On the 20th of March 2003, the world watched the television in astonishment, while an illegitimate war started. A group of internationalists arrived in Baghdad some days before the aggression. Their point of view of the situation serves as a link for narrating the terrible consequences which this attack has caused and will continue to cause for generations among the civilian population of Iraq. Baghdad Rap is a work narrated to the rhythm of hip hop, in which the interplay of current and archive images, light, shade and colours immerse us in a world in which reality most definitely exceeds fiction.
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