Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

2008 Edition


“A festival is to me like a living body; it goes way beyond the film programme and guests. It’s a sort of spirit, or “genius loci” linking spaces, architecture, films, filmmakers, audiences, crews…  The best thing you can come across in this sense is a balance between rational, efficient organisation, and audacity and artistic values. ‘Punto de Vista’ exudes all these ingredients. Here you can feel the energy of work-oriented intelligence and a touch of human warmth. As a member of the jury, I’ve had a wonderful time. I left the festival feeling that it had become a key part of my documentary film experience in Europe.”
Luciano Barisone. Director of the Festival dei Popoli. Jury member

“‘Punto de Vista’ has become a meeting point for documentary filmmakers, film producers, critics, and the public. The festival’s documentary film concept is unique in Spain and the event is among the leading ones of its kind in Europe, which is quite remarkable if we consider how young this festival is.”
Josetxo Cerdán. Film teacher. Jury member

“It is a wonderful festival. It seemed, from the inside-outside position that jury members occupy, to have been extremely well organized.  One of the things that I liked the most was that the "film market atmosphere" seemed completely absent.  People were there to consider films for their own sake, rather than to buy and sell them, I felt the festival was not "playing it safe"  with the selection.  Many of the films were challenging, some even frustrating. Anyway, I felt that I, as a filmmaker, had my horizons broadened. It was a very memorable experience”.
Ross McElwee. Filmmaker. Member of the Jury

“The film program of the Navarra International Documentary Film Festival reveals how ‘Punto de Vista’ is the most lucid, coherent and daring film festival in the national context. The films and videos’ quality is so amazing that each session can turn out to be a turn of the screw, a vanishing point at which innovative or experimental ideas in the field of documentary films meet. ‘Punto de Vista’ bets on the present and future of the documentary film and video sector, as well as on the essay film and experimental documentary genres, applying sound and precise selection criteria.” (blog Visionary Film)
Albert Alcoz. Filmmaker. Heterodocsias Section entrant

“Festivals such as ‘Punto de Vista’ have become spaces to discuss film: its possibilities, limits, new ways, future formats, history, and so on. This is why it is an absolutely essential festival that people who want to find the answers to the question ‘What is cinema?’ admire enormously.”
Victor Iriarte. Filmmaker. Heterodocsias Section entrant


“I greatly enjoy festivals that are brave enough to question the concepts defining them. As to the Navarra International Documentary Film Festival, which is holding its 4th edition this year, its major achievement is its broad and vague reading of the phrase “documentary film.” In fact, if we watch the films, glance through the catalogue or listen to the lively debates which sparked off at the festival, we’ll easily come to the conclusion that what we used to call “documentary film” has changed to more ambiguous descriptions like “non-fiction film” or “film truth,” the genre’s characterisation that I like best.
 Manuel Yánez. “Otros cines.” February 2nd 2008

“The 4th Navarra International Documentary Film Festival has left a sweet aftertaste, produced by its passionate philosophy, detailed planning, strict selection of films by both talented newcomers and renowned filmmakers, and careful arrangement of all the sections.”
 David López. “Séptimo vicio.” February 26th 2008

“These days, Pamplona is the nerve centre of the newest signature documentary film. This is the fourth year the capital city of Navarra has gathered the best of this genre that reflects reality, especially films with autobiographical tones or testimonial purposes and, above all, films intended to be a repository of individual or collective memory. ‘Punto de Vista’ features a wealth of film experiences; it bets on films in the margin of the film industry, exploring the diversity of perspectives behind the camera.”
Penélope Cruz. “”  February 2nd 2008

“If last year’s edition can be seen as the time for the festival’s consolidation, this year was the time for its expansion. The 4th Navarra International Documentary Film Festival ‘Punto de Vista’ attracted local residents and, for the first time, a large number of people in the film industry, from programming staff and documentary filmmakers to film reviewers, who are the scale that measures the significance of all film competitions in Spain.”
Elena Ortega. “Blogs&Docs.” April 3rd 2008

“In only four editions, the Navarra International Documentary Film Festival, ‘Punto de Vista,’ has become the most serious film festival in Spain. It has grown faster than its counterparts in Gijón or Las Palmas; the three of them make up the big triangle for cinema buffs in this country. The fact that ‘Punto de Vista’ has reached maturity can be seen in the programming of the different sections, in its youth and radical nature, and in its publications as well.
Francisco Algarín. “Kane 3.” March 2008

“This is a festival about passion, one of the few that can be so defined in Spain, and the local people know, like and support it. (…) ‘Punto de Vista’ is like the Spanish brother of rigorous European documentary film festivals like those staged in Marseille, Paris –Cinéma du Réel–, or Lisbon – Docs–. (…) However, the real value of the films shown is that they introduce filmmakers who are less known to the public or the critics, artists who have stayed away from “Cahiers” tendencies, American cultural studies, and even the emerging eMule Cinemania.”
Álvaro Arroba. “Cahiers du Cinéma España.” March 2008