Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

2007 Edition


"Many years ago, people would speak of the "Vigo group" to refer to the friends who worked with my father, Jean Vigo, in the making of his films. I am sure that one day, they will also speak of the "people from Punto de Vista" to refer to those who, year after year, both organising the event and from their cinema seats, make this wonderful encounter with film a reality".
Luce Vigo
Punto de Vista 2007.

"In a time in which useless, large-scale festivals or festivals with pretensions of being large and useless seem to proliferate, it is comforting to come across a festival like Punto de Vista, which more than fulfils its task. A useful, necessary festival, an obligatory meeting place for those interested in the fate of the contemporary documentary".
Jaime Pena. Director of the CGAI, member of the jury at Punto de Vista 2007.

"I was deeply honored to serve on the jury of your unique, enthusiastic festival. It made me fully aware of the high artistic standard of the films presented, and of the intransigence and conscientiousness of the whole event. Somehow, from the very beginning, I felt at home, as if meeting old new friends. The same feeling prevailed when I had the honor to present my father's film Diary. The warm receptiveness, the sharp judgment and the embracing understanding of the film marked me with an unforgettable experience".
Yael Perlov. Punto de Vista 2007 Jury.

"Who would have ever guessed that one of the most serious, passionate and inspired documentary film festivals in the world would be found in Pamplona, Spain. Punto de Vista is a little gem; a small festival with a big heart and a broad vision, attended by smart, sophisticated audiences, and administered with a sincere generosity of spirit – all of which makes filmmakers want to come back time after time after time".
Alan Berliner
Punto de Vista 2007.

"A perfect and perhaps the only film fesitval where art dictates how all will be…there in Navarras's ancient capital Pamplona, when the curtain went up, under the flickering light, it seemed that Pompey the Great, Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles never left this town and watched movies with Jean Vigo, Tarkovsky, Paradjanov…and all of us…" Mikhail Vartanov. Punto de Vista 2007 Jury.


"Discovering Perlov's Diary is a true event and may be a transforming experience. Here you have the point of view of a filmmaker who does not elude moral and aesthetic reflection. Without setting the unexpected aside, it is a form of filming which thinks about the cinema it aims at: capable of revealing the beauty of a gesture, the exceptionality of day-to-day life, but which does not shy away from horror and pain".
Inma Merino. Cultura(s).
(Punto de Vista 2007 held the Spanish premiere of Perlov’s Diary).

"A competition which, far from jumping on the bandwagon of box office hits achieved by the likes of Michael Moore, has chosen a more solitary path which the public is not so familiar with, but which has much more to offer. And it does so resting on the idea of the cinematographic point of view envisaged by the French director Jean Vigo, the intellectual godfather of what is now a festival which embraces creators who do not shed their subjectivity in search of comfortable, uniform cinema, but who take risks and grasp their cameras as though they were the first ever to do so. It is film in its raw state, innocent, original and eager to discover what the world and humans have to show".
Ana Oliveira. Diario de Noticias.
February 2007.

"This year, Pamplona has held the third Punto de Vista, the indie of the genre, considered a reference point on Europe's festival circuit".
February 2007.

"In no other country has a selection of documentary film on Tarkovsky as competent and complete as this one ever been organised".
(About the Dear Andrei season, at, the most important, Spanish-language resource on Tarkovsky).
Punto de Vista 2007.

"Renouncing mass-appeal cinema and working on the principle of granting no popular concessions, Punto de Vista has focused on asserting the obscure names of the documentary genre and exhibiting films with limited commercial prospects. (…). This year, expectations have been surpassed through a programme of unimaginable quality and appositeness. Fortunately, Punto de Vista has chosen the path of authenticity".
Roberto Valencia. El Mundo.
March 2007.

"Sections in the festival such as Dear Andrei or The thinking form have reconciled me with film (…). In Perlov's Diary, film, as Godard always wished, reaches a height previously attained by literature or painting: an unknown country which we visit by the hand of someone who guides us through emotion and thought. (…) ".
Javier Eder. Diario de Noticias.
February 2007.

"Over recent years, Spanish fringe festivals have become the centre of attention for new critics and the specialised public. Such is the case of the now inescapable Gijon International Film Festival, the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival and, why not, Pamplona's Punto de Vista, which, now in its third year, has consecrated itself as the best non-fiction festival in the country".
Elena Ortega. Blogs&Docs.
March 2007.

"Forever, a magnificent film set in the Parisian cemetery of Père-Lachaise, won the main prize at the third Punto de Vista Festival. Over 95 minutes, the film and its director, Heddy Honigmann, set their sights on a single, obsessive, exemplary objective: that of demonstrating that "art serves as solace" in the face of the fleeting nature of life. But, is it not perhaps this same objective which, consciously or not, helps push this bold, peripheral, heteroclite festival on? Not fortuitously are we able to perceive in Forever the same acumen which inspired the films of Jean Vigo, the filmmaker whose memory, work and family illuminate the very essence of Punto de Vista".
Juan Zapater, Diario de Noticias
March 2007.