Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

2006 Edition


"What I like a lot about Punto de Vista is that it has started out modestly and is going to grow from within, because it’s got something pushing it from behind. People come here to see documentaries and that is where it can start growing from, but not too much I hope. The only thing I would ask of this festival is that it does not try to grow too quickly". Diego Galán. Ex-Director of the San Sebastian Film Festival.
Punto de Vista 2006.

"The defining feature of documentary film is the point of view. I think that this is one of the best documentary film festivals in the world".
Makoto Satô. Film director.
Punto de Vista 2006.

"I've enjoyed each and every minute I've spent in Pamplona, with the atmosphere, the calm and the intensity of this festival. I've learnt a lot and I've seen some great films".
Abé Mark Nornes. Associate Professor, University of Michigan.
Punto de Vista 2006.


"Almost everybody was reflected on the screens of Punto de Vista 2006. The world we know and the one we still know nothing of. Worlds which would seem not to exist were they not reflected by a camera. Worlds in Colombia and Georgia. The worlds of the Spanish Civil War. Worlds of bread and crack. Intimate worlds which belong to us all. Different film worlds".
Begoña del Teso. El Diario Vasco.
Punto de Vista 2006.

"You have to search for the documentary in a certain modesty of the filmmaker before the facts, his or her non-manipulation. This does not mean that they don't have a point of view about what they film. Quite the contrary! And so, a young festival, born only last year in Pamplona, which has just been held for the second time, decided to call itself "point of view", no less, and one of the most beautiful films we saw there, Xavier Lukomski's "Le pont sur la Drina", was also the film which employed the simplest of approaches (...) Such thorough documentaries. We saw a good few in Pamplona; a beautiful lesson". Émile Breton, L'Humanité.
March 2006.

"The Sundial carved by a Thousand Years of Notches (a film directed by Shinsuke Ogawa in 1986 and premiered in the season of classic Japanese documentaries at Punto de Vista 06) is one of those films in which the divide between film and life would appear to blur. It is an account of reality. One of the most important legacies Japanese film has left us with".
Fermín J. Martínez. Tren de Sombras
March 2006.

"That crossroads between reality and fiction, that vocation to narrate and dream about what is real can be found in Pamplona, where the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra attests to the latest sensations in the genre. The festival's extremely ambitious programme includes some of the most recent gems which the world has to offer. And the latest films blend in with a historical rescue mission: the Japanese documentary. With this second instalment, Punto de Vista has seen the year of its consolidation".
Borja Hermoso. El Mundo.
February 2006.