Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Official section

For nine days a year, Pamplona is the cradle of international documentary film. Productions from all round the world compete in their different ways to capture reality from another point of view: through filmmakers' eyes.

The official section is open to the many documentary films now produced in the world, but only the best of those presented eventually opt for the different prizes. More than 800 are sent in and the festival chooses some 20 to participate in the competition itself.

The spirit of the competition is clear: that those filmmakers taking part should, through each film, try to confront the same questions posed at the very beginning of filmmaking history. And that they should, in their own way, reinvent film with each shot. Apart from that, there is absolute freedom in terms of content and approach.

Any non-fiction, audiovisual production which reflects upon reality can compete in the Official Section. The jury rewards both quality and originality, but, first and foremost, it applauds the ability, as Jean Vigo put it, "to open our eyes and help us see beyond the apparent".