Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Special events

The point of view of documentary film is so broad that, at times, it may seem unembraceable. It is just not possible to accommodate everything you would like to show in the festival's permanent sections. There is so much more to say; so many and such different things that a place has to be set aside each year for special events.

Monographic screenings about the masters of documentary film, roundtables on obscure subjects or new tendencies, photo exhibitions based on images from documentaries which clearly demonstrate the intense relationship between film and photography. Or the relationship between film and music, with events in which documentaries and live concerts merge into one.

There is also room for tributes and workshops. Ways of looking at film divergent in themselves, but, at the same time, linked by a common denominator which eclipses their idiosyncrasies. The special sections are reinvented each year; a fresh, ever-changing showcase for the festival, an abundant, provocative junction of angles and styles.