Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 


Let Each One Go Where He May (Let Each One Go Where He May)
Suriname / USA | 2009 | 135'
: Ben Russell

Let Each One Go Where He May

Unfolding in 13 extended takes, the film follows two unidentified brothers as they trek from the capital of Paramaribo to the rainforest villages of the Maroons, descendants of African slaves who rebelled against their Dutch captors 300 years ago. Retracing these ancestors’ footsteps, in the opposite direction villagers now take to pursue the global enterprise of the city, Let Each One Go Where He May charts a reverse course through urban congestion, illegal gold mines, Maroon communities, and trance ceremonies to capture a place where history, the supernatural, and modernity collide.

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Born in 1976. He is an artist using multiple media, combining films and festivals with installations and art galleries. His works have screened at the MoMA, the Anthology Film Archives, and Rotterdam’s IFFR. He also works as an art curator and as assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.