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Long-feature films

Problemat s komarite i drugi istorii (The mosquito problem and other stories)
Bulgaria | 2007 | 100'
: Andrey Paounov
: Lilia Topouzova, Andrey Paounov
: Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov
: Andrey Paounov, Orlin Rouevski

Problemat s komarite i drugi istorii

The hum of mosquitoes can ruin the best night’s sleep. The buzz of an entire colony of giant mosquitoes like the one which has invaded this small village may ruin its nuclear future. And while the mosquitoes bite and buzz, the children laugh and the musicians sing, the traces of the past gradually re-emerge.

Andrey Paounov

Has worked as chef, gardener and accountant in Prague, New York and San Francisco. Graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2000. His first documentary, Georgi and the Butterflies (2004) was shown at more than fifty festivals throughout the world, including Punto de Vista, and won the Silver Wolf at IDFA.