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Long-feature films

Shmone Esrim Ushmone (Eight Twenty eight)
Israel | 2007 | 60'
: Lavi Ben Gal
: Lavi Ben Gal
: Daniel Miran
: Lior Seker
: Alex Claude
: Lavi Ben Gal

: Claudia Levin (Claudius Films Ltd.)

Shmone Esrim Ushmone

Lavi was born and brought up in the heart of utopia, in the very centre of a dream. Lavi was born and brought up in a Kibbutz, but now, at the age of twenty-eight, she must confront her past, face her future and decide: leave it forever or live on there. Forever.

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Born in the Kibbutz Nitzani, Israel, in 1973. Graduated from the Film Department of the Beit Berl Art School in 2001