Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Long-feature films

Scènes de chasse au sanglier (Scenes from a wild boar hunt)
France / Belgium | 2007 | 46'
: Claudio Pazienza
: Claudio Pazienza
: Rémon Fromont
: Irvic D’Olivier
: Julien Contreau

: Claudio Pazienza (Komplot films etc.), Patrice Nezan (Les films du Present)

Scènes de chasse au sanglier

Wild boar hunting, the taxidermist’s art and an exact reproduction of Jules-Etienne Marey’s chronophotographic rifle. And the ritual of life and death. And the internal journey of a director bent on discovering what unites him with and separates him from his father, recently deceased. And a determination to name and show that which can be neither named nor shown.

Claudio Pazienza

Roccascalegna, Italy, 1962. Amateur stage actor and film programmer. Has worked as director for the French-German channel ARTE. Pazienza lectures on the history of film in Geneva, Paris and Lussas. The Pompidou Centre showed a retrospective of his work in 2003.