Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Long-feature films

Must read after my death (Must read after my death)
Spain / USA | 2007 | 72'
: Morgan Dews
: Morgan Dews
: Charley Allis
: Albrecht Kunze
: Charley Allis, Brett Graves, Andy Solomon, Mike Barrett
: Morgan Dews

: Cristina Girones (Frame Zero), Alison Bourke

Must read after my death

A family just like any other. A travelling sales rep for a father, an affectionate mother and mischievous, though not badly behaved kids. A family just like any other. With their home movies, their memories, their photos. A family just like any other? A box and a note signed by the mother, “Must read after my death”, reveal the darker realms, what goes on behind the scenes in a family just like any other.

Morgan Dews

Filmmaker and artist Morgan Dews divides his time between Barcelona and New York City, and worked in commercial production in Spain. He was accepted to the 2006 Sundance Producers Conference, where he participated in workshops with Cara Mertes and Sunmin Park. He has begun work on a visual novelization of his travels throughout Europe.