Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Short films

Panj pun olova (Bad Blue Boys)
Croatia | 2007 | 28'
: Branko Schmidt
: Branko Schmidt
: Dragan Ruljancic
: Vesna Lazeta, Hrvoje Mrsic

: Anita Juka

Panj pun olova

The smoke of combat has dissipated, the sound of bullets no longer echoes through the valleys; it is time to get back to everyday life. But, is normal, everyday life possible after the horror and the fury of gunshot? Playing with the kids, making meals, housework and buying the family Christmas presents. And in the countryside, hidden and waiting, a knife, a rifle, a grenade launcher.

Branko Schmidt

Born in Osijek in 1957. After giving up studying economics, graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. His graduation thesis was a play for television titled Rano sazrijevanje Marka Kovaèa (1981). The next year, went on to film the television drama Hildegard, acclaimed as the best television drama in the Yugoslavia area.