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Short films

Ilya + Marusya (Ilya + Marusya)
Russia | 2006 | 39'
: Vladimir Nepevniy
: Vladimir Nepevnyi
: Grigori Leonov
: Daniil, Dmitriy Pokras, Sergei Potocki
: Vladimir Nepevnyi

: Alexsandr Radov

Ilya + Marusya

There is something more embarrassing than reading the poems you wrote when you were young: discovering your parents’ love letters, the intimate details behind a life spent together. The daughter of the Soviet write Ilya Ilf, best-known for his novel The twelve chairs (written with Yevgenni Petrov) has found the correspondence between her father Ilf and her mother Marusya, and has spent a long time browsing through them, in facing up to the man and the woman concealed behind the figures of her parents.

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Born in Odessa in 1965, graduated in mathematics and mechanical engineering from the University of Odessa. Studied drama at the Saint Petersburg Theatre Academy in 1997. Directed the television programme “Line of Cinema” from 1996 to 1999 for the ORT channel.