Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Short films

Pó de estrelas (Stardust)
Spain | 2007 | 24'
: Alberte Pagán
: Alberte Pagán
: Alberte Pagán

Pó de estrelas

You open the newspaper. You switch on the telly. You turn on the radio. Welcome to the real world, welcome to an infernal whirlwind of image and sound, letters and advertisements, reports, news broadcasts, features, opinions, publicity and films. And meanwhile, the universe is expanding and we continue to wonder at the light of stars which died centuries ago.

Alberte Pagán

English and Spanish Philology graduate, has coordinated exhibitions on experimental film and the films of Eugenio Granell and Julio Cortázar, and has published books and articles on experimental film. The latest book, A mirada impasíbel. As películas de Andy Warhol. As director, his films include Como foi o conto (2004), Os Waslala (2005) and Bs. As.(2006).