Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Short films

Nijuman no Borei (200000 fantômes) (Nijuman no Borei (200.000 phantoms))
France | 2006 | 10'
: Jean-Gabriel Périot
: Current 93

: Guillaume Desmartin, Frédéric Dubreuil, Yves le Yaouanq

Nijuman no Borei (200000 fantômes)

One, two, three. A host of phantoms behind a deafening noise. A host of phantoms behind a blinding, white light. One, two, three. 200,000 ghosts wander the silent streets, the ruins left after the explosion. One, two, three. 200,000 phantoms hiding between photo and film still. The A-Bomb building, an old Japanese business centre, was the only building left standing in the aftermath of Hiroshima.“You haven’t seen anything in Hiroshima”, said a character in Alain Resnais’ film.

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Director and video artist, as well as babysitter, waiter, clothes and craftwork salesman, assistant director, editor, mime artist, auction-room assistant and journalist. His films have been screened at festivals throughout the world. His short film Eût-elle été criminelle(Even if she had been a criminal) (2006) won the Prize for the Best Short Film at the third Punto de Vista.