Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 

Essential James Benning

A Retrospective Anthology, from 11x14 (1976) to RR (2008)

If we were to approach American as like a single body of work (from John Ford to Maya Deren), embracing films shot by independent, experimental, classical and modern filmmakers, we’d place James Benning’s work among the vital, essential, core organs of that body. A lonely filmmaker, Benning has shot more than 34 films in 30 years. He’s always challenged traditional categorisation and has been associated with the avant-garde cinema developed since 1945, from structuralism to new narratives or even land art. Punto de Vista is presenting the first retrospective anthology ever screened in Spain, featuring a selection of titles approved by Benning himself that represent the filmmaker’s different periods.

Essential James Benning is a range of works from 11 x 14 (1976) to his latest films, which led him to consider abandoning films shot on 16mm, which he still uses. Essential James Benning is a great film event; proof of which is the fact that James Benning himself will be attending it. Benning’s two latest films, Casting a Glance and RR, will be screened for the first time in Spain in the context of this retrospective.