Pamplona (Spain), 22-27 February 


Encounters with Spanish Unfinished Documentary Films

Heterodocsias is a section aimed at tracing the wildest unknown boundaries of Spanish documentary film. Following the Heterodocsias Census the first year and the project named The seeing hand last year, in its 3rd edition, Heterodocsias is taking a look at films without an end.

Heterodocsias will thus make room for unfinished, abandoned or slowly developing projects. The idea is to follow the track of unfinished material, not as a sort of film necrology but rather as a recognition of its importance in film history and in directors’ careers. In other words, a vindication of unfinished, invisible films as an integral part of any history of cinema. Protagonists will be invited to reflect in public, with the public and with their movies about the creative process and the roads leading to never-ending land.