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Pablo Sarasate International Violin Competition

c/ Navarrería 39, 1º E31001 Pamplona. España
Tel. +34.848.424683 / 427184
Fax. +34.848.424728

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1.1. Contestants

The competition is open to violinists of any nationality, provided that they are neither older than 27 nor younger than 15, both ages inclusive, when the rounds of the competition begin.

Former first, second and third official prize winners of the Sarasate Competition are not eligible to compete again.

1.2. Application procedure

All participants interested in entering the competition should send in their registration forms, duly completed, and all the required documents via postal mail, which should register the date of dispatch. The documentation can be sent up to and including the 4th of May 2011.

Departamento de Cultura y Turismo

Negociado de Asuntos Administrativos

Concurso Internacional de Violín Pablo Sarasate

            Navarrería 39

            31001 Pamplona. Spain

In order to let the Competition Office know that they have forwarded their documents and registration form, it is recommended that applicants send (fax or e-mail), within this same period, the post office receipt showing proof of mailing and the contact details of the sender, which will be used to locate them should the documentation fail to arrive.

The application must, in all cases, be accompanied by the following documents:

           The Registration Form, duly completed and signed.

                              A quality recording on DVD (Zone 0/Universal or Zone 2/Europe) or CD containing a performance by the applicant of the two pieces indicated below. This recording shall be identified with the date of recording, name of the perfomers and works performed. If he/she so desires, the applicant may also send a file containing this recording (WMV, DIVX, MP3, attached file size no larger than 20 MB) to

            P. Sarasate. Piece of the applicant’s choice.

            N. Paganini. Caprice of the applicant’s choice.

           Curriculum vitae of approximately 200 words.

           A recent passport-size photograph (with first name and surname on the back). This photo will be used by the organisers to design the hand programme for the preliminary rounds.

           Photocopy of the applicant’s National Identity Document or passport, clearly indicating its number, and both his/her age and nationality.

           A letter of reference from the applicant’s teacher and another one from a recognised musician.

Contestants will not be allowed to change the programme indicated on the Registration Form unless the competition organisers or Panel of Judges clearly states he/she may do so.

Documents submitted will not be returned under any circumstance.

1.3. Selection process of registered applicants

Once the Registration period is over, applicants will be short-listed on the basis of the documents submitted.

Provided that the interested parties meet the conditions set out in point 1.1. of these rules, the winners of the first, second and third prizes of either violin competitions belonging to the World Federation of International Music Competitions (Geneva) held since 2006 (inclusive) or the National Sarasate Competition held since 2006 (inclusive) are exempt both from this selection process and from payment of the registration fee. These contestants must provide written notification and a document as proof of the fact.

Applicants will be informed about the result of the selection process as of the 23rd of June 2011. The results of this selection process will be published on the competition Website and the interested parties will be notified at their addresses, preferably by e-mail. Information of interest regarding their participation in the competition will be sent along with this confirmation.

1.4. Registration Fee

Before the 4th of July 2011, those applicants selected as contestants must present a bank receipt justifying payment of the € 60 registration fee, paid into the following bank account: 2054/0093/38/110.000861.8; Bank: Caja Navarra; Branch office: Plaza del Castillo 2, 31001 Pamplona; Swift: CANVES2P; IBAN: ES9820540093381100008618; Account holder: Gobierno de Navarra-Concurso Pablo Sarasate.

The Registration Fee will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Those applicants selected as contestants who fail to pay the registration fee before the 4th of July 2011 will be excluded from the competition.

1.5. Financial assistance for contestants

The Organisers of the competition will cover accommodation expenses and breakfast of those contestants who reach the Second Preliminary Round (and their accompanying pianist if relevant) from the 17th of September until the end of their participation in the Competition. Accommodation details will be provided in due course.

1. 6. Accompanying pianist

The Organisation will provide an accompanying pianist for each contestant who requests one on their Registration Form.

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