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DTB: Vol 19, No 1. January - February 2011

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Neuropathic pain and treatment. Many questions
still hang in the air

Neuropathic pain is characterized by a diverse etiology and the presence of multiple and complex symptoms. Pharmacological management has very limited efficacy. In our Health System, the first line management option is tricyclic antidepressants, and the alternatives include gabapentin and duloxetine. Treatment should be initiated at low doses and increments should be gradual until the effective dose is reached. Combined pharmacological treatment with non-pharmacological measures such as reduction of stress, sleep hygiene and physiotherapy is recommended.


  • Mª Mar Malón. Family physician, Navarre Regional Health Service. Spain
  • Javier Gorricho. Drug Prescribing Service. Navarre Regional Health Service. Spain
  • María Otano. Neurology Department. Navarre Hospital Complex
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