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DTB: Vol 18, No 5. November - December 2010

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Rosuvastatin and the JUPITER trial. A critical appraisal

The role of hs-CRP in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis still remains unclear. It should not be used as a cardiovascular risk marker due to its poor predictive value. The early stopping of the JUPITER study exaggerates the benefits. There were no significant differences in cardiovascular mortality and the causes of overall mortality are not clearly described in the trial. The long-term projection of total mortality is not significant and undermines the validity of the data offered in the study. There was a small significant increase in patients who developed diabetes. Substantial conflicts of interest of the main author adds to the high risk of bias of this study. The results of this study should not modify our practice in primary prevention.


  • Antonio López.  Drug Prescribing Service. Navarre Regional Health Service. Spain
  • James M. Wright. Managing Director of the Therapeutics Initiative. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, Canadá 


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