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DTB Navarre. Vol 18, No 2. March - April 2010

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Cry wolf! The new fable of bad use of antimicrobials and the return of the pre-antibiotic era?

There is considerable evidence that shows a correlation between the use of antimicrobial therapy and the increase in the prevalence of resistant microorganisms. The global rates in the use of antibiotics in Navarre are similar to the average rate in European countries, but there are great differences between different primary care doctors. Possible improvements in antibiotic prescribing include the use of rapid diagnostic tests for bacterial pharyngitis or tonsillitis, delayed use of antibiotics in case of acute otitis media, no use in viral infections and a correct diagnosis of infections affecting the lower airways with an adequate selection of antimicrobial agents and correct posology.


  • Javier Gorricho. Drug Information Unit. Navarre Regional Health Service. Spain

  • Mikel Moreno. Family Doctor. Navarre Regional Health Service. Spain

  • Xabier Beristain. Department of Microbiology. Hospital Virgen del Camino. Spain

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