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Conservation policies

Shared responsibility


A forest ranger attends to an injured red kite

The Comunidad Foral de Navarra has traditionally pursued hands-on policies regarding nature conservation, in keeping with the high degree of environmental awareness amongst local people.

From the outset, these policies give full backing to the premise that conservation is a shared responsibility.

In accordance with this criterion, the Administration is to allocate the necessary resources as required, but society as a whole is also to conduct itself responsibly, as all human activity has an impact on the environment.

Sustainable development plans

Accordingly, in order to ensure the preservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, the Government of Navarre has drawn up several sustainable development plans, which are tools designed to protect and safeguard the biodiversity of the Comunidad Foral.

Amongst these tools and given their significance, special mention should be made of the Forestry Plan, the Strategy for the Preservation and Sustainable Use of the Biological Diversity, the Plan for the Preservation of Ecosystems and Habitats, the Plan for the Preservation and Management of River Ecosystems, the Natura 2000 network of natural spaces and the schemes for the recovery of listed species, game, agricultural development, renewable energies, rural tourism and transport.

Government of Navarre

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