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Education & Research

An Integrated System

Universidad Pública de Navarra

Navarra’s educational system is an integrated system adjusted to meet school demand, from children's education to graduate courses, including all conventional educational stages plus special education, language schools, arts and music training, and social guarantee programmes.

Educational results in Navarra are higher than the Spanish average, coming close to the most educationally developed countries in Europe.

With regard to non-university education –a field over which the Government of Navarra has exclusive jurisdiction– schooling is provided to all members of the population under eighteen in private or public centres, depending on parents’ choice. Private schools are subsidised by the Regional Government in all levels, through a series of agreements. The school system includes the learning of Basque and teaching in Basque as well, as this is Navarra's vernacular.

Navarra’s university education comprises public institutions such as the Navarra Public University or the National University for Distance Learning, in Pamplona and Tudela, and private centres like the Navarra University, an Opus Dei corporate work. On the whole, Navarra’s university students amount to 28,000.


Navarra is the Spanish region with the highest R&D budget, and one of the most innovative in Europe. Under the 3rd Navarra Technology Plan, the Government of Navarra is planning to invest a total €229M through 2011 (i.e., 62 pct more money than under the 2nd Technology Plan). The plan’s main goal is in line with those of the EU: increasing R&D budget to 3 pct of the GDP, and fuelling two thirds of this budget into the private sector.

There are 12 Technology Centres (TCs) operating in Navarra, whose research results are applied in a wide range of fields: renewable energy, the automotive industry, nanotechnology, the medical industry, new materials development, agrifood, and so on.

Government of Navarre

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